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fter 30 years of marriage, my wife is still an adventurous and wonderfully sexual person. She was a virgin when we married right out of high school. I had been with only one girl prior to her. As a result we both experimented with sex as we matured physically and sexually. I would like to relate the story of how she stepped into the adventure of her first three-some. Debbie will never hold back if she wants to try anything. In high school, that is exactly how she became known for some of the risky things most girls and some guys would never try. She wanted to canoe a whitewater river, so we did that one weekend. That was in the mid 70's when those activities were not as common as today, and most 18 year olds were not interested in adventure. In 1986, we set the kids to the in-laws and we went on a week long vacation in the Colorado Rockies. It was just us, another couple we had known from school, two other couples that were dating and one male fried who was my best friend from work. Debbie had never made any sexual advances toward Tony, or even mentioned she felt she had any sexual feelings toward him. We frequently drank and danced together, but there was never anything beyond hugs and cheek smooches. One the second evening of our vacation, we changed out of our ski clothes then met everyone at a restaurant for dinner, drinks and dancing.

After a couple of rum and cola's, Debbie began to show her typical signs of intoxication and the subsequent horniness that always follows. She continued to drink and rub on both Tony and me. We both danced with her several times, and her dancing increased in its sensuality and dirtiness. After about an hour of drinking and dancing, she returned to the table from a dance with Tony. As he excused himself to the men's room, she leaned over to my ear and whispered to me that she was the horniest she had ever been. She ran her hand under the table and across my crotch, pausing to give it a squeeze. She then said she wanted to do something very dirty and naughty. With my curiosity peaked, I asked her to tell me what that would be. After about a 3 or 4-second pause, she said she wanted to shower with both Tony and me. I was more than a little shocked, but in a very good way. I quickly gave her "Yeah, that would be great with me." She smiled, and kissed me deeply with a very aggressive tongue. When Tony returned, she pulled him over to her and whispered in his ear the same request. He looked at her, then at me. I had never seen him that quiet. He asked me what I thought about the offer. After I told him I was all for it, he too agreed. Debbie squirmed on her chair as she downed another rum and cola. She jumped to her feet and said, "Times-a-wasting." Tony and I retrieved our coats as well as hers, paid our tabs and struck out with Debbie in between us. After we walked across the street and down two blocks, we entered our resort hotel. When we were in the elevator, Debbie planted a deep tongue kiss on me, then on Tony. She was the hottest I had ever seen her. Grabbing Tony's coat with one hand she told him, "You are coming with us mister." When the elevator doors opened, she walked in a pace that was almost a jog to our room. Once in the room, she kicked off her shoes, hung up her coat and took off her jewelry. Stepping into the bathroom, she turned on the shower. She closed the bath door, leaving us both fully clothed and standing there. After about a minute, the toilet flushed. Sticking her head out of the door, she said, "We had better get naked and get in there if we knew what was good for us." I shucked my boots, jeans, shirt and underwear in record time. Tony was finishing off his jeans as I walked into the bathroom.

She had darkened the room, but had lit a small candle and placed it on the vanity. I stepped into the shower, which was one of those large corner types you see in resorts and upscale hotels. As I stepped into the shower, she was soaping her body. Again seeking my approval, she was kissing me with amazing passion. As she did, Tony stepped in behind her. Breaking our kiss, she turned and kissed Tony, this time not just a brief tongue kiss, but a deep passionate kiss. As they kissed, she pressed her breasts against his bare chest. His hands were initially at her back, on her shoulders. After a break in the kiss she kissed him again, this time moving his hands to her rear end. Tony responded by pulling on her ass cheeks and pressing his pelvis forward. As soon as that kiss broke, she stepped back from him, turning herself perpendicular to us both. Reaching for our hands, she slipped a hand from each of us on her breasts then massaged her breasts using our hands. She released our hands (but we did not release her breasts) reached out and took a penis in each hand. Beginning a rhythm of stroking, she was becoming an increased sexual animal. Stopping her strokes, she moved our hands from her breasts to her crotch, Even in the days before shaving was popular, Debbie had been a believer in minimal pubic hair. As she rubbed our hands across the tiny patch she had over her pubis, she began to push it into our hands in a humping motion. Taking our index fingers, she slid them into her slippery wet labia. I don't think I had ever noted her to be as wet before that time. She then told us that the deal was we would get hand jobs and head, but that she was in charge and what she said was the rule of the night. Dropping to her knees, she took my dick in her mouth and began to give me he best head I had ever had. After about 3 or 4 minutes, she assured me that she would be back and that I was to make sure the hard on did not go away. Turning to Tony, she began to stroke him. He was about 4 inches longer than I was, but his head was a smaller diameter than the rest of his dick. She began by kissing it, then licking the head then his shaft. Finally, she took him in her mouth. The moans and slurping that was coming from her was driving all three of us deeper into sexual pleasure. As she continued her actions, she stopped and asked Tony if he liked her talents. After receiving an assurance that he was more than enjoying himself, she asked me if I was enjoying what I was seeing. Of course I answered that I was more than enjoying it, I was anticipating what was still to come. Returning back to Tony, she again took his dick in her mouth, then deep throated the entire length of his member into mouth. Tony began to repeat over and over again, "Oh god! Oh god!" Debbie broke from her oral activity and rose up on her knees. She then began to rub her breasts across his dick and to look at his face then mine. She asked us how many times could we cum in one night. Since we were all 28 at the time, we assured her there was at least 5 or 6 times in us. She then told us that she planned to find out if that was true. Returning to Tony, she began to work her mouth up and down the length of his dick as she massaged his balls. He began to shout that he was going to cum, so she increased her pace until he shouted and stiffened. I could hear her moan as he squirted deep into her mouth. After she broke from him, she turned to me. My dick was as rock hard as it had ever been. Debbie wasted no time in swallowing me and began to pump me in and out of her mouth. I lasted about 3 minutes then pumped her full of my juice. Standing back on her feet, she shut off the water and directed us to follow her to the bedroom. Once there, she pulled back the comforter and sheets of the bed. She ordered us to lie on our backs on the bed. Kneeling between us, she reminded us that she was in charge, and that she was the one deciding what would happen. That being agreed on by us, she again attacked our dicks like she was famished and was feasting on the meal of her life. At some point during the evening, she placed her fingers in her slit. Withdrawing them with her juices dripping, she rubbed our dicks with her own lubricant.
Several times she would stiffen while she had a dick in her mouth. Her hands grabbing what ever was near her reach at the time, it was evident she was having orgasms one after the other. Some time around 5 am, we had all reached our limit. After a couple of hours of sleep, we returned to the slopes for skiing. During the day, we would occasionally remark how tired we were, but we all agreed that it was a "good tired." Debbie asked us if we had anything left that she might use that night. Of course we said we did. Following clean up and dinner, we located a liquor store to procure libations of our own. Returning to our room, we again had a couple of drinks. Debbie was not drunk this time; she just had a buzz. She lowered the lights and again lit a small candle. Stepping into the bathroom, the changed into a little shear teddie that I loved. She modeled for us a little bit, then sat on the floor in front of my chair. Rubbing the crotch of my jeans, she remarked that both of us had better get naked very quickly. She then turned to Tony, and began to suck his member with wildness. His moans assured her that she was doing a great job. After a few minutes, she broke her lip lock on him to pull her top of and expose her bouncing boobs. After she returned to Tony for a few minutes, she broke off and came over to me. While she was actively engulfing my genitals, Tony excused himself into the bathroom to pee. While he was out of the room, she asked if I was still OK. I assured her I was and that I wanted her to enjoy herself. She then asked if I was serious and if I really meant that she was in charge. Again I assured her I was serious and that she was in charge. She suddenly spoke that she might cross a line that had not yet been crossed, and would I trust her to make that decision on her own. I had to think about it for a few seconds, but I assured her I would let her make the decisions tonight and that I would neither stop her nor hold anything against her. I was both excited and a little panicked at that moment. Debbie returned to my dick and was now making love to it with her mouth. She straddled my leg and began to hump on it.

Suddenly she came and cried out with a moan as she did, Tony had returned to his chair about that time. He remarked that her ass trembled as she came. Debbie had released my dick and was now on her back with knees in the air. She pulled her panties to the side and began to rub herself as we watched. After a minute of two, she pulled off her panties, then continued her actions. She was so wet, I could hear her fingers sliding in and out. She suddenly stopped and began to suck Tony. After a minute, she stopped and directed Tony to get on the bed. I continued to sit since she had not directed me to do anything. Since she did not object, it was obvious this was exactly what she had in mind. Climbing between his legs, she began to devour his dick. Rubbing her breasts on him and straddling his leg, it was evident she was a pure animal. After a few minutes she stopped her actions and crawled over the top of him. Grabbing his cock with her hand, she gave him a few strokes as she pushed a nipple into his mouth. Looking at me she asked quietly if I was still OK. After my assurance that I was fine, she returned her attention to him. Placing both hands on the bed beside his shoulders, she rocked forward, then back. As she did, a moan erupted from her. Her motions were cyclical and it was obvious that his dick was now in her and she was fucking for them both. My dick was even harder than it had been the night before. She then sat upright and continued her humping. Suddenly, she came in a loud deep cry. Sliding off Tony, she assumed the all fours position and directed him to fuck her doggy style. He quickly met her demand and began to pound her with a machine like action. She directed him to cum inside her, so she could feel the warmth as he squirted. He followed through about a minute later.

I was still as hard as a rock. Debbie called me to her on the bed. After assuring her that I was not mad, but very turned on, she lay back and begged me to fuck her. I obliged her request and began to pound her like a wild man. I could hear her juices and Tony's making a sloshing sound as we fucked, She came right after we started and I followed soon after her. We all fell asleep shortly after that point. Around 3 am, I woke up when I heard Debbie moan. Tony was on his back and Debbie had his dick in her mouth. After she became aware I was awake, she began to give me a hand job at the same time. She then directed me to fuck her doggy style while she sucked Tony. I complied with that request very quickly. Several minutes later, Tony and I changed places. He came again, this time squiring it in her ass cheeks as she requested. I came filling her mouth until it oozed out the corners. The remainder of the week we had a suck and fuck event every night.

Over the past twenty years our lives have changed a lot. Our daughters are now in their 20's, Debbie is a respected professor, I am still in law enforcement and Tony is still our friend. His first business made him millions, but his second one almost cost him his life. He married, and his wife played with us for a while. She was killed in a car wreck after their third year of marriage. He never remarried and has no kids. Over the past 20 years we continued to have adventures with him. At the peak, we planned at least once a month to have a get together. Those were all great. We now get together only about once or twice a year. His health just doesn't work in his favor. Debbie always had my blessing that she could spend time with him friendly or sexually. I did not have to be there, but I wanted to know about it. She had several one-on-one encounters with him and told me about them all. I find it amazing that the right setting and the right circumstances opened up a new sexuality with her. We have never regretted it and never will.
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